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The Guilliman Heresy is an Alternate Universe version of the Warhammer 40k timeline, on the Bolter and Chainsword forums (which I need to join now.) The last post is from March 2015, so I don't know what's going on with it anymore. But it's exactly what I need to keep myself interested in Warhammer 40k and the Horus Heresy for the foreseeable future.

To make the loyalties clear, here is a summarised list of the Legions:

 photo gfVdqyO_zpsyaxky5zi.png

I've always been a fan of Captains Garro and Tarvitz of the Death Guard and Emperor's Children (respectively) who defied their Primarchs and the well-made plans of Horus himself, and fought some of the earliest battles of the Horus Heresy, and against their own Legions as well. I'm currently saving up for the Betrayal at Calth boxset (I'm nearly there) so I can start a loyalist Emperor's Children army. And I know someone who has a traitor Blood Angels army, who comes by the local GW store every now and then. So I might be able to convince him to use this alternate timeline as well, especially as he likes the idea of traitor Ultramarines, I know that for sure.

I've heard, and I know from bitter experience that Warhammer 40k produces fans who are extremely narrow-minded and easily enraged by crazy ideas and alternate universes, things that go against the established lore of 40k. A lot of franchises leave things open for interpretation and have a wider fanbase. Games Workshop have a way of telling us EXACTLY what's what and how it went down. And people who are into 40k tend to find that appealing, they like having an encyclopedic knowledge of things and being able to correct you on your mistakes and misconceptions. They like being the kings (and maybe even queens) of their own little empire and being able to pontificate and correct things, and the general tone of the 40k franchise really encourages that.

The way I see it, 40k fans are sort of like History Buffs. Some of them probably are history buffs as well. They like to know exactly what happened and clear up any misconceptions, because they've done their research. So an entirely new alternate timeline really throws a spanner in the works and nothing is as certain anymore. But it also opens up a million new possibilities. My favourite Traitor Legions like the Emperor's Children and Death Guard are (mostly) loyalists, the Ultramarines are the arch-betrayers and Chaos worshippers instead of the single most boring Chapter in existence. And the Emperor is still alive and well. The Imperium even has better relations with (50% of) the non-Dark Eldar. And all it cost was sacrificing the boring Space Smurfs to the Dark Gods. Oh and Blood Angels, Dark Angels, Salamanders and Imperial Fists. I don't really care about those Legions anyway, especially the Dark Angels. Iron Hands and White Scars both rebelled for their own reasons as well.

So this isn't so much a simple case of saying "I like this". This is an open declaration of Heresy against the 40k fandom at large. This is just me doing what I have to do, and if you're a 40k player who doesn't like it, that's not going to sway me or bring me back into the fold. I've been waiting for something like this, either for Warhammer 40k to go through an Age of Sigmar-esque reboot with the Emperor coming back to life somehow, or the Imperium fighting over whether to euthanise his current body or not, and what will happen if they do, etc. Some kind of change to the status quo, the constant hinting at 40k End Times being around the corner. Which GW have been doing for as long as I can remember.

Either that, or something like this. Some way of changing the status quo, to completely reinvigorate my interest and keep me buying models and (hopefully) playing the game a lot more often. Warhammer 40k is old news. The Horus Heresy is really interesting, and a lot more affordable now. But this is even better. So I'm going to print out all the relevant information out and use it as a Lorebook of sorts, a kind of Codex: Guilliman Heresy. And if anything happens to the thread, I'll have as much information as possible of it on file and printed out on paper as well.

Warhammer 40k has always been a little bit too depressing and "Grimdark" for me, even when I'm totally addicted to it. And I've been trying to find ways around it for as long as I can remember, no matter how stupid or ridiculous they would now look. I was young and naive and I've had a long time to think about by now. Not to mention I've listened to a lot of people talking about 40k and what might happen to it. And who knows, maybe Games Workshop will Sigmar-ize 40k and do an End Times scenario, and totally screw it all up like everybody is afraid they will. I'll still have both 30k and 40k armies and a lot of background to base them on. No matter what happens to 40k.

Somebody will probably say this is all a trap set by Tzeentch to lure me in with an alternate reality and make me betray the "True" reality of 40k. I really don't see the need to take a fictional universe THAT SERIOUSLY, not anymore. At least I hope I don't.

"What? Even if that were possible, which it isn't, why would you do such a thing?"
"Because the alternative is burning. And I've seen that. And I never want to see it again."
"We'd be lost in another universe, frozen in a single moment. We'd have nothing."
"You would have hope. And right now, that is exactly what you don't have."
"It's delusional. The fluff writing alone would take hundreds of years."
"Oh, hundreds and hundreds. But don't worry, I started a very long time ago. You might say I've been doing this all my lives."

I still don't know how to pronounce Roboute Guilliman's name... Row-boute Gwillyman? Rowboat Gullyman...? Rob-oat Goulyman? Robo-Ute Guile-y-man?? Robbit Gillyman????

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